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Contract Service Metal Recovery

Modeltech Sdn Bhd is a licensed collector of scheduled and non-scheduled wastes for the purpose of recycling. We provide an attractive and competitive pricing based on the current market.

We produce qualilty goods based on the customer requirement and specification.

Our staffs are efficient and service oriented. Delivery goods on time.

Mechanical - Wire Crusher
Smelting Process - Rotary Furnace
Refining - Hydrometallurgical
Smelting Process
Smelting is a method in which metals are produced either directly from ores or from recycled or waste products. Metals such as cobalt, copper, lead, nickel, zinc and iron are usually those that undergo this process. Smelting itself is the process wherein heat is used to extract metals from their ores. If the ore is an oxide, it undergoes smelting with the presence of carbon which subsequently alters the ore into a reduced metal.

Refining Process
Refining the removal of impurities from crude metals. After extraction from raw materials, crude metals are between 96 and 99 percent principal metal, the rest being impurities. Crude metals cannot be used by industry at this stage because of inferior physical, chemical, and mechanical properties. The impurities found in crude metals may have value in themselves; the gold and silver recoverable from copper, for example, pay for the entire cost of the refining process.

The three basic refining methods are pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical, and mechanical. All these methods will be decided based on distinctive properties of the individual elements, such as melting temperature, density, and electronegativity. Pure metals are frequently obtained by employing several refining methods in succession.

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