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Founded in 1991, Modeltech Sdn. Bhd. began operation as a base metal recycling and refinery company. Our facilities are located at the Bukit Rambai Industrial Area. Situated in these fully-developed 2 acres land and with a production area of approximately 50,000 square feet, we are ready to accommodate and recycle metal wastes from the electronic manufacturing companies.

Whether they are just non-ferrous scrap or those that contain precious metal, we are interested to purchase, recycle and refine them.

Our modern processes and equipment assure high recovery and good returns for our clients.
Our proper management of wastes and fumes from our furnaces, help to contain pollution from emitting directly into the atmosphere. Having the proper process in recycling metal waste and by extending our services to customers, we help in their waste management. Ultimately, we hope to have a greener environment for us and our neighbors.

If you have metal waste which is a problem to handle, we would like to hear from you. Perhaps a solution is just at your doorstep.